How to Use Company Videos for MLM Recruiting

how to succeed in mlm,mlm recruiting,mlm tips,network marketing how to,network marketing tools,Want to use your company videos for MLM Recruiting?  Haven’t had much success recruiting with them yet?

If so, the tips and methods in the video below should help you with that.

What Will Keep Them from Watching

First and foremost, if you want someone to take a look at your company video (business overview), there is almost one way to guarantee that won’t happen.  That is by sending unsolicited links.  Many home business owners are eager to send out link to their opportunity.  The problem is, most do not even speak with their MLM leads BEFOREHAND to see if they are even open to taking a look.  If you are doing this, it’s probably a BIG reason people are not watching.

How to Get Them to Watch

If you want to make sure that people watch the video, you have to actually ask them to and get their response.  In the video below I explain how to do this.  I’ll tell you what to say once they have seen it, how you can go about leading to a positive response, and quickly closing the deal. A lot of people don’t know exactly what to say once their prospects actually have watched the presentation.  I believe by doing the things that I describe in the video below, you can greatly improve your chances of a positive result.

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