4 Team Building Tips Every Network Marketer Should Know

Team Building, Teambuilding, team building questions, team building skillsDo you want a healthy team that continues to grow?  In today’s post and video below, I’ll be giving you 4 Team Building Tips Every Network Marketer Should Know.

It’s always a great feeling to have people join you in your business.  What most network marketers fail to understand is, that’s not the end of the process.  There are some things that you need to do, if you intend to KEEP that person on your team, and continue your overall team growing.

#1. Stop trying to motivate your team, and instead inspire them.

When most people see their team not taking action, they tend to want to start pouring on the suggestions.  They attempt to try and give them advice in an attempt to motivate their team into action.  Your intentions may be good, but the effect it has is usually small.  Want to know what WILL get them to take more action?  Seeing you take action.  Seeing you rock it out.  Your success will inspire them to take more action.  You just have to make sure you’re giving them something to look up to.

#2. Recognize people for where they’re OK with being.

Make sure that you are recognizing the accomplishments of the people on your team.  Recognition could be as simple as a text message or phone call saying “Great Job on _____!”  You could also publicly recognize them on Facebook, or at a team meeting.  You’ll want to do a lot of this at first, and then make sure you do it for where they are OK with being.  If you have someone that wants to make $50,000 a month, prospecting 3 people a week is not something that you should be recognizing them for.  But for someone who is simply wanting to earn a couple hundred dollars a month to pay some bills, that could  be something to recognize them for.

#3 Understand that people will stay where they feel good

Don’t try and push people into things and give them orders.  Most people get into network marketing because they don’t want a boss.  If they feel like you are ordering them around.  They will leave.  Have conversations with the ones that actually WANT you to hold them accountable.

Video on 4 Team Building Tips

#4  Find out What your team members really want

This may be the most important step of all!  You should have this conversation right when you start your new rep.  Make sure you ask them what they want.  You may have someone simply wants to get their product free.  You wouldn’t want to try and push run hard with that rep as much as you would with someone who wants to make #20,000 a month.  See what kind of coaching would be most effective for them.  Once you are on the same page with your teammate, you can really get a good game plan together that will keep them happy and set them up for success.  If you make sure to use these tips they will definitely help with your team building efforts

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