How to Recruit More People without Being “Pitchy”

How to Recruit More People without Being “Pitchy”

 Are you being “Pitchy”?

Do you ever wish you got a better response from your business pitch?  The reason you may not be getting people to respond to you the way that you would like, is you may be too “pitchy” with our approach.  I’ll go over a couple ways in this post that should immediately help you to get a better result.

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Being Disingenuous

One of the major problems facing network marketers today is that they are disingenuous in their communications with the people they are prospecting.  There is no real care for the people they are prospecting.  They are just a number to them.  Don’t get me wrong, network marketing is a numbers game.   You want to hit certain numbers.  You also want to make sure that you never forget that prospects are PEOPLE.  You must care about them, and what their story and needs are.  If you are speaking to someone and not really listening or caring what they are saying to you, it is obvious.  Be genuine in your approach.  Listening is one of the best skills you can acquire when learning how to recruit people for your business. People can sense when you have some ulterior motive.  If you are just feeling them out.  You can feel a person out AND be genuinely interested in what they have to say.  Make sure you come from a place of wanting to help them and offering something that is to their benefit, not yours.

Pitching Too Soon

Another problem that I see with a lot of network marketers is, they pitch too soon.  They ask if someone is open to hearing about their opportunity and as soon the person either says “yes” or “What is it”, they go into pitch mode.  They give them the short, hype-filled version of their company and products.  That is not how to recruit people in network marketing.  You want to simply get your invite out there on the first meeting or conversation.  If they are open to hearing about your business, then you should set up a follow up time or appointment.  Your appointment is so that you can show them the complete presentation.  Follow your system.  If you meet people for one on one meetings to show the plan, company video, or conference call.  Whatever it is.  If you decide to send them info, make sure your follow-up is set before you leave them.  I give you a few clear cut examples in the video below.


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Lyndon Breeden

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    How are you? Hope all is well. I like this post very much. I learned a lot from your video especially giving them a 1 minute presentation at first and then getting in touch with them letter. My question to you is how long do you wait to get in touch with them again. You mentioned a few days but what is a few days 24-48 hours or more? Thank you again, this is a great blog and video.

    • says

      Hey Julia, good question. Most Network Marketers will bow to the whim of their prospect. They’ll clear their schedule, or admit they have nothing going on to get a meeting. “Oh, you can’t meet at this time, well what about this, or this. I’m free whenever.” What they don’t understand is this works against you. It makes you look desperate and not like someone with much going on. Let the prospect know you are swamped and busy. tell them you will get back with them in a few days. You can call them the next day and tell them you had a cancellation and would like to get together. Otherwise, make a specific appointment, have them agree to it, and follow up with them at EXACTLY the time you said you would. Hope this helps!