Secret Follow Up Tricks for MLM Success

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Not having the type of success you imagined in your prospecting follow up?

The key to MLM Success is in the follow up.  In this post and the video below, I’ll go over some tricks to give you better results in your follow up efforts.

The good news: If you are even making an attempt to follow-up, you are doing better than a large percent of your home business brethren.  I recently had someone reach out to me to ask for some prospecting and follow up advice.  They had a combo of two very common issues with the same prospect. I’ll address both.

Be Up Front With People

The first issue was that the prospect told them they “needed time to think about it”.   Now, you could do a take-away and say that you “are only looking for serious people”, but I don’t recommend that method.  Some people really do need some time.  Here is what I suggest.  If you want to get better results and considerably cut down your time chasing down prospects, Be Up Front and Don’t Tip-Toe around with your conversation.  If you get that statement from a prospect, tell them this: “No problem.  I understand.  I just want to make sure you are really open to this.  It’s no problem either way, but ‘I need some time’ can be just a nice way of saying ‘no’.  Is that what you’re saying or is this something you’re really open to?”

Set the Follow Up Appointment

The second issue this person was having was the prospect would say that they wanted to join, but time went by with no response and no word from the prospect.  This person said they started to not even want to bring it up when seeing or talking to the prospect because they felt like they were bugging them and didn’t want to feel embarrassed.  There is a lot I could dissect about this, but I would say that the main way to head this off from the beginning is to hammer down a solid follow-up time.  Before you leave the prospect on the initial exposure, set the follow up.  Make sure that it is specific and that they agree to it.  So you may want to say, “I understand you need some time, so what would be a good time to get back to you that you would definitely have an answer?”  Then start giving them gradual options until they agree: One day, two days, a week, etc.  Once they give you a timeframe.  Set that date and have them agree to it.  So, if they say a week, Then say “Ok, I’ll give you a call back a week from today.  Would 6pm be good for you?”  If they say yes, then Say “Ok, I’ll talk to you next (whatever day of the week) at 6pm.  Sound good?”  Have them agree one last time.  Now they have agree more than once and it should not be a shock or bother to them when you call right when you agreed to.  If you do this it will greatly increase your MLM success rate.

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