What’s the Best Way to Prospect? Call or Face to Face

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Which is Better? If you’re new to network marketing, or have been looking for the best way to get results, you’ve probably wondered: What’s the Best Way to Prospect?  If you are talking about having live interaction with people, there are only a couple different routes you can take.  You can either call prospects on the phone, or talk with them face to face. Of course, there … [Read more...]

Home Business – Want To Increase Your Recruiting?

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  Want To Increase Your Recruiting? That’s a no-brainer, right?  I think every home business owner would love to have more people be a part of their opportunity.  The BIG question is, “How do I make that happen?”  In today’s post, I go over a few different ways  that will help you out with that. Don’t Beg or Bug People It can be very easy for beginning network … [Read more...]

[VIDEO] How To Handle MLM Prospects That Avoid You

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Are you Being Avoided? Have you ever talked to a prospect about your opportunity and the next time you run into them they avoid you like the plague? I think that’s happened to anyone that’s been in network marketing for a while. Unfortunately, for most network marketers, they react poorly to this situation. Most network marketers handle this issue in one of two ways. They may … [Read more...]