How to Use Company Videos for MLM Recruiting

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Want to use your company videos for MLM Recruiting?  Haven’t had much success recruiting with them yet? If so, the tips and methods in the video below should help you with that. What Will Keep Them from Watching First and foremost, if you want someone to take a look at your company video (business overview), there is almost one way to guarantee that won’t happen.  That is … [Read more...]

Secret Follow Up Tricks for MLM Success

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Not having the type of success you imagined in your prospecting follow up? The key to MLM Success is in the follow up.  In this post and the video below, I’ll go over some tricks to give you better results in your follow up efforts. The good news: If you are even making an attempt to follow-up, you are doing better than a large percent of your home business brethren.  I … [Read more...]

How to Recruit More People without Being “Pitchy”

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How to Recruit More People without Being “Pitchy”  Are you being “Pitchy”? Do you ever wish you got a better response from your business pitch?  The reason you may not be getting people to respond to you the way that you would like, is you may be too “pitchy” with our approach.  I’ll go over a couple ways in this post that should immediately help you to get a better … [Read more...]