About Lyndon

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So just a little bit about me…

I’m a proud husband and father. After several years in corporate sales for one of the largest soft drink distributors in the world, I felt there was a greater potential within me. A feeling that there was a greater opportunity out there for me and my family. I decided I wanted to pursue my entrepreneurial aspirations.

Network Marketing

Around the same time I was offered an opportunity in Network Marketing and jumped at it. I started off ok, but soon was not having the same initial results that I had in the beginning. I realized that, while I had a great company and supportive up-line, I had not learned the skills that are needed to have a successful Network Marketing business.
I then made the decision to immerse myself into learning, training, coaching, and personal development.

Why a Blog?

Which brings me to this point. I decided to start a blog to help beginner, or struggling Network Marketers who are in the same boat that I was in. To teach the skills that I’ve invested my time and money in, so that they can get past the steep learning curve much quicker and less painfully. New and veteran reps will have the ability to learn “new school” and “old school” techniques For Active Prospecting and Passive Marketing.

You Can Do It!
-You have the potential to be a top earner
-To be the person on stage at your company event
-To have the life that you desire

If you have passion and vision, then all that stands between you and the things that I just listed is LEARNING and APPLYING the skills needed to do it.

I look forward to connecting with you on Social Media, at Events, through coaching, or through any of my future products.

To your Success!

Lyndon Breeden