5 Ways to Get MLM Prospects Open To Join

mlm leads, mlm prospecting, mlm prospecting scripts, mlm prospects, network marketing training tips,Are you wanting to get more of your MLM Prospects Open to join?

Whether you are looking to have people join your opportunity, or buy you product/service, in today’s post and video below I’ll give you 5 ways to make that happen.

1. Be someone they want to join

The first thing you want to do is make sure you are someone that people actually want to join.   How do you do this?  Be someone who cares.  Have integrity.  Be trustworthy.  You can be someone that you would want to do business with yourself.

2. Have a Vision

People follow people that are going somewhere.  If you want people to follow you, have a vision of where you are going.  Make sure you convey that message to your MLM leadsIf you can get them to see a bigger picture, they may see themselves on your team.

3. Create Community

Let them feel a sense of community about what you’re doing.  Let them see that this is bigger than you and bigger than themselves.  If you have a team already, let them know that.  Let them know that they want be doing this alone, but will have a community behind them.  If you don’t have a team yet, let them know about the teams in your company.  Plug them into Facebook groups for you company, etc.

4. Eliminate Hype

Nobody likes the sales guy with all the hype.  Not only will it possibly make you look like a pitchy sales person and turn them off, it could also hurt them if they decide to join.  Don’t blow smoke.  You can be positive and excited about what you are presenting them.  In fact, you should be.  Just don’t get too crazy.  You could turn them off or give them unrealistic expectations for when they start.  That could cause them to not stick around long.

5. Talk to Open People

So this is a bit of a cheat and a no-brainer, but it’s may actually be the most important advice I give you in this post for MLM success.  Make sure you give your time to people who are actually OPEN to your opportunity.  You should absolutely talk to anyone you want.  Just make sure to not try and chase the people who initially told you they want nothing to do with what you have.  Don’t spend time trying to convince people who have no interest at all in what you have.  This will make your process much easier and help you with your time management.

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